Marin Bukmir


His personal style of artistic expression places the artist Marin Bukmir at the very top of the modern art scene. By introducing into his work a meditative approach he brings art closer to the vision of his personal reality. Applying the abstract forms of art he reveals the invisible in his being. His works radiate with originality, strength of the spirit and his own creative language, and all of those he harmonizes in ways that are seldom seen.

In the search for his own personal expression Marin Bukmir does not depend on the works of other acclaimed or renown artists. Instead he develops and cherishes his own individual and rich style.

His works of art dignify and elevate beyond imagination all interiors in which they are displayed by enriching them with a fresh taste of elitism and glamor. His artistic works radiate with power, importance, balance and harmony seldom witnessed, thus revealing the extent of the diverse and creative spirit of the artist.

Marin Bukmir very seldom sells his works of art.

As we analyze his painting “Unknown Continents” we will notice the artist’s masterful application of the strong golden color. The artist interprets with clarity the words of Mies van der Rohe, “Less is more” as he applies the minimal use of colors in order to portray the amazing world around him.

Relying only upon himself and his unconventional approach Marin Bukmir is able to create new impressive and intense works of art.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Marija Lopac


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